Kissing the Road

Hi, this is Ben Ji. Welcome to my travlog. Read ten thousand books, walk ten thousand miles. This ancient Chinese proverb has piqued my fascination since I was little. It calls for a mind continually active in expanding not only its knowledge, but also understanding of the world, and our place in it


Mexico city

On the flight to Mexico City, the lady next to asks, 'Why Mexico City as your first stop? It's huge.' Certainly Mexico City is not for everybody. This megapolis of 21 million people has the largest number of museums in the world. Amidst its countless busy crossroads and hidden cantinas, beats the pulse of an amazing country. 


Where the journey begins

One of the main reasons why I start the journey in Mexico City is to learn Spanish. I chose the surreal campus of UNAM Central and enrolled in a 6-week course. Here is to the connections made and experiences lived in the first few days. 


Settling down in CDMX

Calling Mexico City home for the next several weeks, I get acquainted with areas of the city I'll be frequenting, and indulge my taste buds. The warmth of the people continues to move me. 


Dia de muertos

The day of the dead falls on 11/2, which means I get busy shopping for a costume and party it up. You will read about my experience shopping for a costume, the market scene, and the few parties I went to.